maknae ;
-----------------------sehun and luhan biased--------------------------

Angel sehun vs Evil sehun





sehun vs. sehun ; side profil

when sehun wins against his evil self.

sending snapchats to exo ➔ sekai.

double kill by 1994.
sehun’s fighting dance


2 years with EXO
Happy Anniversary cuties! 
Thank you for all the precious memories <3
May you boys continue to blossom, 
With us fans supporting you through it all.

 Sehun during Love Love Love

(FANACCOUNT) 140830 TLP When Chanyeol said that he likes D.O, Sehun and Luhan looked at each other and smiled.

source: 鹿在笑

trans byexoverflow

die jungs /coloring/

exo gaying over shinwa sunbaes  (。☉౪ ⊙。)

902014, Episode 3 - A surprised Jongin!

oh sehun with pink hair ☆

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